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SUNWELL® Punching Machines & Ring Molds
> From 64 tons ~ 250 tons Punching machines;
> Can punch the rings from 1/2” ~ 12” 300#.
> Full range of ASME, DIN, JIS, et ring molds;
> Ensure the tolerance and delivery time.
SUNWELL® Grooving Machines & Angling Machines
>14 sets of small grooving machines & angling machines
> 4 sets of automatic machines
> 6 sets of large grooving machines
> 1 sets of horizontal automatic grooving machine
SUNWELL® Lathe Cutting & CNC
> Maximum Diameter by 1200mm lathe cutting machine
> Can lathe the standard and non-standard rings
> 7 sets of CNC
> Kammprofile, RTJ producing capacity
SUNWELL® Bending Ring Workshop
> 2 sets of full automatic bending machine
> 1 set of small bending machine and 1 set of heavy bending machine
> Stocking SS304, SS316, CS bending metal strips;
> Minimum outer ring bending by 150mm.
SUNWELL® Laser Marking & Punching Marking
> OEM marking
> 2 sets of laser marking
> OEM marking
> 2 sets of punching marking
SUNWELL® Winding Workshop
> 14 sets of automatic spiral wound winding machine
> 4 sets of small winding machines & 2 large winding machines
> Full range of ASME, DIN, JIS spiral wound gaskets molds;
> 120,000 ~ 150,000 pcs finished SWG capacity per month.
SUNWELL® Testing Equipment
> Advanced automatic sealing testing equipment;
> Can test compressure, recovery, leakage rate together.
> Portable Spectrometer ensure the materials correct
SUNWELL® Stockhouses
> 280,000 pcs of ASME, DIN stocking rings
> Material stocking separately
> 250,000 pcs of semi-finiahed rings
> Ensure in fastest delivery
SUNWELL® Package Types
> Exporting wooden box
> Strong Paking
> Prefessional package system.
> Ensure safety on the transport
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