SUNWELL depend on reliable product quality, good prices, reasonable delivery time,
won wide attention and praise from users. We always persistent increase our production capacity, improve service levels, for fluid technology construction.
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SUNWELL total number of employees is 93 people (not including the local distributors and agents)
The main managements are as follows:

CHEN WEI – CEO & President

SUNWELL President_CHEN WEI.jpg

Tel: 0086.134.8660.9888
Working for Sealing Market for 13 years.
Mergered Cixi Jinshan Sealing Equipment Co.,Ltd ( Now it's named : Goden Mountain Sealing and MachineryCo., Ltd.) in 1983, committed to working for sealing production and development;
The sealing industry national standards committee member;
The sealing industry association vice president;
13 years of industry experience. Industry coverage to Sealing, Insulation, Fluid Technology, and Sealing Solutions.Dec. 2015 mergered one of the Chinese RTJ factory.
CHEN WeiNina Hu – Sales & Deputy General Manager

Tel: 0086.134.8660.9888

General E-mail:

Tel: 0086.186.5749.0009


North America E-mail:

CHEN is one of the initiators of SUNWELL.
University of International Business and Economics, Bachelor of Science in international marketing & managing ;
Have more than 10 years experience in the sealing industry;
He made the commitment of SUNWELL -- “Our commitment, Your advantage”
Good at management and innovation.
Almighty sales.
Nina is one of the initiators of SUNWELL
Have 6 years experience of the sealing industry;
Almighty sales;
Specialize in Gaskets, Gland Packings, Compression Sheets, Rubber Products, etc.
Customer satisfaction rate over 100%;
Special contribution:
  1. Success propelled established North American Branch;

  Storm Hua – Sales & Marketing Director  Sam Chen – Assistant of General Manager

Tel: 0086.186.6827.8996

Tel: 0086.186.5846.1299

Zhejiang Technology University, Master of Science in electrical engineering.
Had worked in the electric power system.
Have 5 years experience in sealing industry,
Specialize in technology and business.
Almighty sales.

Changshu Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering;
Working for sealing products since 2008;
Good internal coordination;
Know the production process and ordering control process well;


Tracy Hu – Sales & Product ManagerShelly Hu – Sales & Product Manager

Tel: 0086.158.8803.8336


Tel: 0086.183.5843.9456
Zhejiang Guangsha College, Bachelor of Science of Business English.
The advantage of her:
  1. Rapid communication;

  2. Understanding of sales process well;

  3. Specialize in Gaskets & Compression Sheets.

Zhejiang Shuren University, Bachelor of Science of Business Administration;
The advantage of her:
  1. Rapid communication

  2. Understanding of sales process well;

  3. Specialize in Gland Packing & Insulation Products

Spring Ruan – Plant ManagerXudong Hu – Domestic Marketing Director


Tel: 0086.188.5748.9006
Guizhou City College, Machinery automation;
11 years working experience in sealing products;
Strong problem solving ability;
Quality control specialist.
Zhejiang Normal University, Bachelor of Science in Economics;
3 years work experience in government;
Since 2009, jointed the SUNWELL.
Good products knowledge and effective communication.
Steven Hong – QC ManagerYang Dongjun – Purchasing Manager
 Tel: 0086.138.5786.7901 
 Tel: 0086.151.5839.6673
Zhejiang University (Ningbo Science and Engineering), Bachelor of Science in Quality management & Application;
Specialize in ISO quality management system;
Specialize in products performance and the production process.
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Bachelor of Science in biotechnology;
Cost control specialist;
Good at sourcing integration
Xie Qunwei – Export Operator  Xu Lin – HR & Dispatcher

International shipping operation specialist;
5 years shipping experience;
Safety & efficiency expert.
HR expert
Process control expert;
Department coordination and tracking orders & systems
Pan Jun – CFO  & CashierXiaofeng He – Warehouse Manager


Senior Economic Manager;
Business expert;
Has long been engaged in factory management 10 years ago.
ERP expert;
Shipping coordinator;
Product safety specialist.

Finance Cashier - Ms. Sun Huifang

Working for SUNWELL (Gloden Mountain Co.) since 1994

Mr. Chao Jingbo - Production Manager

Worked for Sinopec for 7 year.

Jointed to SUNWELL 2011, has good experience on sealing products & poducing.



Zhejiang University of Science of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Management & Marketing;
Specialize in sales management system;


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