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Synthetic Fiber Rubber Gasket

Code SUNWELL 1400

> Synthetic Fiber gasket cut from Synthetic Fiber rubber sheet
> Suitable for use as an oil-resistant jointing medium for heat installations and engine sealing

Synthetic Fiber Rubber Gasket
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The Synthetic Fiber gasket is cut from Synthetic Fiber rubber sheets.
The Synthetic Fiber sheet is made from synthetic fiber, natural rubber, filling material and dye, compressed and calendered under high temperature and pressure into a sheet form.
Normal colour: Black with some white, blue or green-white, etc.

NCAF Gasket 1400: cut from Synthetic Fiber rubber sheets.
Temperature: 150oC, 200oC, 250oC, 300oC, 350oC, 400oC, 450oC.
Oil Resistant NCAF Gasket 1400OR: cut from Oil resistant Synthetic Fiber rubber sheets.
Temperature : 150oC, 200oC, 250oC, 300oC, 350oC, 400oC, 450oC.

Typical Applications
For static sealing in flange joint of pipeline, valve, shipping industry, oil, etc.

ASME, JIS, JPI, ASNI, DIN, etc. Or manufactured gasket accordance customers requirements.

SUNWELL manufacturing the special dimension gaskets, Largest dimension can be reach 2540mm. (The maximum size of the CNAF sheet is 2540mm x 3810mm)

big dimension of non asbestos gaskets.jpg

>More informations, please click the "PDF" download or contact with us.

Click here to download the SUNWELL Synthetic Fiber gasket product guide pdf.

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