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Metal Hoop

SUNWELL provide the finished products, but also provide high-quality sealing raw materials--Metal Hoop.
We would manufacture Metal Hoop following your specific requirement. We would provide professional Metal Hoop with good services for you!

"Metal Hoop"

Metallic Strip GR106
Flat metal bending coil is normal to bend inner and outer rings of spiral wound gasket
corrugated metallic strip is making for kammprofile gaskets.
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Corrugated Graphite Tape GR103
Designed for use as packing, just with wrapping tape to stem or shaft, and when stuffing, endless packing can be formed. It is easy installed for small diameter valves, and can also be used for emergencies when spare packings are not available.
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Graphite tape for SWG GR101
Pure expanded graphite tape for making spiral wound gasket.
C≥98%; Tensile strength≥4.2Mpa;
Density: 1.0g/cm3;
Asbestos or non-asbestos tape for SWG are available.
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