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Metal Ring Bender

SUNWELL is constantly improving our equipments and production system. At the same time, supply the fluid sealing equipment and tools for other sealing companies.
We would manufacture Metal Ring Bender following your specific requirement. We provide OEM service of Metal Ring Bender for you.
Any need of Metal Ring Bender, please email us!

"Metal Ring Bender"

Small Lather Machine SUNWELL E900 SLM
This small special lathes can process inner and outer rings of spiral wound gaskets easily and with great efficiency and speed for size small than 300mm, this style is improved style.
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Polishing Machine for Ring SUNWELL E900PM
Polishing machine for ring is instead of handle polishing machine. It’s easy to control the thickness and improve the quality. Polishing machines for inner and outer rings of spiral wound gaskets
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Metal Tape Shaper (Modern Style) SUNWELL E900AM-MTS/M
Metal tape shaper make the tape from flat shape into V or W profile for hoop of Spiral Wound Gasket with thickness 4.5mm and 3.2mm, other width on request. The speed can be adjusted U profile for eyelets of reinforced graphite gasket is also available.
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Large Winder for SWG (Vertical Style) SUNWELL E900AM-LW/V
Large winder for SWG vertical style can make spiral wound gasket with or without inner & outer ring, needn’t complex molds. Work pressure is changed with dia. Size controlled by air pump. Vertical style is suitable small workshop. Need additional welder.
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Inner Ring Angling Machine SUNWELL E900AM-RA
Inner Ring Angling Machine design for making angle of inner ring of spiral wound gasket, controlled by air pump. No longer expensive lathes need; one work can see after more than 10 machines in same time; no problem for large sizes.
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