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SUNWELL Braided Packing including almost all of the packing types. We offers various of braided packings, also provide OEM braided packings which customer needs. From raw materials to finished products, we strictly control every production step. Provide with confidence and reliable Braid Packings.
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"flange packing"

Die-formed Ring SUNWELL 406R
Die formed graphite ring are made of expanded graphite without any filler or binders. No special corrosion protection is required. In general, it has square section and has V shaped and wedge shaped section.
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White PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners SUNWELL P306
This packing is a multi-yarns packing. The corners of packing are made of aramid fiber yarns impregnated with PTFE, the friction faces are made of PTFE yarns. This structure enhances the lubrication ability of aramid fiber and improves the strength of the pure PTFE.
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Graphite Spun Aramid Fiber Packing SUNWELL P303
Spun aramid packing impregnated with graphite. No harm to shaft, still wearable, good heat conduction.
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Aramid Fiber Packing SUNWELL P301
Aramid fiber packing braided from high quality Dupont aramid and kevlar fiber with PTFE impregnated and lubricant additive. It is wear resistant but may damage the shaft is not used properly. A minimum shaft hardness of 60HRC is therefore recommended.
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Pure Graphite PTFE Packing with Oil SUNWELL P202
Braided from the Graphite PTFE yarn which with special lubrication, designed for dynamic.
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Pure Graphite PTFE Packing SUNWELL P201
Braided from pure Graphite PTFE yarn without any lubrication. It is non-contaminating packing.
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Glass Fiber Packing with Graphite Impregnation SUNWELL P802
The packing square braided from E-glass impregnated with graphite. Good frictional factor.
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PAN Fiber Packing Treated With Graphite SUNWELL P604
Treated braid from high strength PAN fiber and graphite, impregnated with special lubrication. Graphite filler increases the service temperature and density of the packing
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High-temperature High-pressure Valves Special Graphite Packing SUNWELL Graph-super® P405-WWM
SUNWELL Graph-super® P405-WWM
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