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SUNWELL compression sheets plant increasing product variety and production technology. Now combined with the advanced production experience to create the world-class sealing sheets. Including non-asbestos rubber sheets, rubber sheets with clothes insertion. Made a number of major technological innovation programs.
Welcome to our product page of gasket sheets, in which you can find detailed information of gasket sheets. We export gasket sheets. We provide OEM service of gasket sheets for you.
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"gasket sheets"

Graphite Sheet with Metal Mesh SUNWEL B204
Graphite Sheet reinforced with metal mesh is made of expanded flexible graphite SUNWELL B201, reinforced by a metal mesh of SS304 or SS316 or CS, graphite content of more than 98%, the density is 1.0g/cm
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Flexible Graphite Sheet/rolls SUNWELL B201
SUNWELL Flexible graphite sheet and rolls is made from high purity graphite, it is used can be expanded graphite particles formed by the high temperature expansion of repression, it retains the high temperature crystalline flake graphite, corrosion resistant, self lubricating, etc.
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Expanded PTFE Sheet SUNWELL B302
SUNWELL expanded PTFE sheet as similar as GORE, KLINGER, TEADIT,etc.
It is a universal sheet gasket material for most services, seals rough and irregular surfaces.
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Anti-rot Rubber Tape SUNWELL B401
SUNWELL Anti style rubber tape is made from rubber is widely applications to tube, plate and fin components used in air conditions.
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Oil Resistant Mineral Fiber Rubber Sheet SUNWELL B703
SUNWELL Oil resisting Mineral Fiber rubber sheets are made from good long Mineral Fiber, oil-resistant synthetic rubber, heat resisting material compound heating and compression molding. It used as sealing material in the joint of oil pipeline and sealing gaskets.
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Acid Resistant Mineral Fiber Rubber Sheet SUNWELL B704
SUNWELL Acid resisting Mineral Fiber rubber sheet is made of good Mineral Fiber with acid resistant synthetic rubber compression heating and compression molding.
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Cork Rubber Sheet SUNWELL B602
SUNWELL Cork rubber sheet is made by using granulated cork and synthetic rubber polymer and their assistants. The cork mixed material such as neoprene and nitrile, silicone, vitone, etc.
Please contact with us to help you with your cork rubber sheet needs.
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Soft Mica Sheet SUNWELL B501
SUNWELL Soft mica sheet made by mica material mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked. Under normal condition with a soft, heat-resistant.
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