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SUNWELL compression sheets plant increasing product variety and production technology. Now combined with the advanced production experience to create the world-class sealing sheets. Including non-asbestos rubber sheets, rubber sheets with clothes insertion. Made a number of major technological innovation programs.
Welcome to our product page of graphite seals, in which you can find detailed information of graphite seals. We export graphite seals. We provide OEM service of graphite seals for you.
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Super Graphite Valve Packing SUNWELL P404
Super Graphite Packing specially for high pressure valves, braided from expanded graphite yarns with corrosion inhibitor, reinforced with inconel wire. Each yarn is round braided with inconel mesh outside again. The mesh is jacketed.
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Graphite Packing With PTFE Impregnated SUNWELL P402
Graphite Packing with PTFE Impregnated is braided from Expanded graphite yarns which impregnated with PTFE as a blocking agent thus creating a non-straining packing. The yarns are reinforced by textile fibers.
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Graphite Sheet reinforced with Tanged Metal SUNWELL B203
Graphite Sheet Reinforced with tanged metal insert is made from SUNWELL B201 Flexible graphite sheet through specially pressing or sticking process. The insert materials can be SS304, SS316, Nickel, etc. It used in kinds of conditions, and various gaskets. .
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Graphite Sheet Reinforced with Metal Foil SUNWELL B202
SUNWELL Graphite sheet reinforced with metal foil is made from there layers, at the middle of the flexible graphite sheet is one stainless steel foil. Through specially pressing or sticking process. The insert materials can be SS304, SS316, Nickel, etc. It can be used in the condition of high temper...
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Tanged Metal Reinforced Graphite Gasket SUNWELL 710
> With tanged metal reinforced inside.
> Tough and versatile composite for high pressures.
> Strong composite construction without adhesives.
> Extra strength for ease of handing and fitting.
> With or without eyelets.
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Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket SUNWELL 700
> Without reinforced metal inside.
> Standard grade: 98% pure exfoliated graphite.
> Widest temperature range.
> Very easy to cut, although large gaskets may need support carriage and fitting.
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High-temperature High-pressure Valves Special Graphite Packing SUNWELL Graph-super® P405-WWM
SUNWELL Graph-super® P405-WWM
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