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SUNWELL total number of employees is 93 people (not including the local distributors and agents)

The main managements are as follows

CHEN WEI – CEO & President

Tel: 0086-134-8660-9888

E-mail: Chen.Wei@sunwellseals.com

Working for Sealing Market for 13 years.

Mergered Cixi Jinshan Sealing Equipment Co.,Ltd ( Now it's named : Goden Mountain Sealing and MachineryCo., Ltd.) in 1983, committed to working for sealing production and development;

The sealing industry national standards committee member;

The sealing industry association vice president;

13 years of industry experience. Industry coverage to Sealing, Insulation, Fluid Technology, and Sealing Solutions.Dec. 2015 mergered one of the Chinese RTJ factory.


Tel: 0086-134-8660-9888

General E-mail: sales@sunwellseals.com

  • CHEN is one of the initiators of SUNWELL.
  • University of International Business and Economics, Bachelor of Science in international marketing & managing ;
  • Have more than 10 years experience in the sealing industry;
  • He made the commitment of SUNWELL -- “Our commitment, Your advantage”
  • Good at management and innovation.
  • Almighty sales.

Nina Hu – Sales & Deputy General Manager

Tel: 0086-186-5749-0009

North America E-mail:america@sunwellseals.com

E-mail: sunwell@sunwellseals.com

  • Nina is one of the initiators of SUNWELL
  • Have 6 years experience of the sealing industry; Almighty sales;
  • Specialize in Gaskets, Gland Packings, Compression Sheets, Rubber Products, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction rate over 100%;
  • Special contribution: Success propelled established North American Branch;

Storm Hua – Sales & Marketing Director


E-mail: sam.chen@suwnellseals.com

  • Zhejiang Technology University, Master of Science in electrical engineering.
  • Had worked in the electric power system.
  • Have more than 10 years experience in the sealing industry;
  • Have 5 years experience in sealing industry,
  • Specialize in technology and business.
  • Almighty sales.

Sam Chen – Assistant of General Manager

Tel: 0086-186-5846-1299

E-mail: sam.chen@suwnellseals.com

  • Changshu Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering;
  • Working for sealing products since 2008;
  • Good internal coordination;
  • Know the production process and ordering control process well;

Tracy Hu – Sales & Product Manager

Tel: 0086-158-8803-8336

E-mail: tracy.hu@sunwellseals.com

  • Zhejiang Guangsha College, Bachelor of Science of Business English.
  • The advantage of her:Rapid communication;
  • Understanding of sales process well;
  • Specialize in Gaskets & Compression Sheets.

Shelly Hu – Sales & Product Manager

Tel: 0086-183-5843-9456

E-mail: shelly.hu@sunwellseals.com

  • Zhejiang Shuren University, Bachelor of Science of Business Administration;
  • The advantage of her: Rapid communication;
  • Understanding of sales process well;
  • Specialize in Gland Packing & Insulation Products

Spring Ruan – Plant Manager

E-mail: spring.ruan@sunwellseals.com

  • Guizhou City College, Machinery automation;
  • 11 years working experience in sealing products;
  • Strong problem solving ability;
  • Quality control specialist.

Xudong Hu – Domestic Marketing Director


General E-mail: xudong.hu@sunwellseals.com

  • Zhejiang Normal University, Bachelor of Science in Economics;
  • 3 years work experience in government;
  • Since 2009, jointed the SUNWELL.
  • Good products knowledge and effective communication.
  • .

Steven Hong – QC Manager


E-mail: Xu.Lingang@sunwelleals.com

  • Zhejiang University (Ningbo Science and Engineering), Bachelor of Science in Quality management & Application;
  • Specialize in ISO quality management system;
  • Specialize in products performance and the production process.

Yang Dongjun – Purchasing Manager

Tel: 0086-151-5839-6673

E-mail: yang.dongjun@sunwellseals.com

  • Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Bachelor of Science in biotechnology;
  • Cost control specialist;
  • Good at sourcing integration

Xie Qunwei – Export Operator

E-mail: document@sunwellseals.com

  • International shipping operation specialist;
  • 5 years shipping experience;
  • Safety & efficiency expert.

Xu Lin – HR & Dispatcher

E-mail: lin@sunwellseals.com

  • HR expert
  • Process control expert;
  • Department coordination and tracking orders & systems

Pan Jun – CFO & Cashier

E-mail: finance@sunwellseals.com

  • Senior Economic Manager;
  • Business expert;
  • Has long been engaged in factory management 10 years ago.

Xiaofeng He – Warehouse Manager

E-mail: xfh@sunwellseals.com

  • ERP expert;
  • Shipping coordinator;
  • Product safety specialist.

Finance Cashier - Ms. Sun Huifang

  • Working for SUNWELL (Gloden Mountain Co.) since 1994
  • Zhejiang University of Science of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Management & Marketing;
  • Specialize in sales management system;

Mr. Chao Jingbo - Production Manager

  • Worked for Sinopec for 7 year.
  • Jointed to SUNWELL 2011, has good experience on sealing
  • products & poducing.
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