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SUNWELL will joint to ACHEMA 2018 again in same booth 9.1 B93
  Warmly Welcome to Visit & meet with us.We will still in 9.1 Booth B93, Show time on Jun.11th~15th.2018SUNWELL wil showing the newest sealing materials and products, eg. Spiral Wound Gaskets, Graphite Gaskets, Ring Joint Gaskets, Kammprofile Gaskets, and range ofNon-metallic Gaskets, Compression Sheets, ...
SUNWELL will joint ACHEMA ASIA 2016 as a exhibitor in Beijing from May 9th to 12th.
  SUNWELL will joint in ACHEMA ASIA 2016 in Beijing from May 9th to 12th.We will show the range of the products (Gaskets, Packings, Compression Sheets etc) and technical new achievement in the exhibition ACHEMA ASIA.Welcome to visit us Hall Stand J26Welcome to contact with us to get the arrangemen...
SUNWELL jointed the PTC ASIA exhibition 2015 in Shanghai
  From Oct.27~Oct.30th. SUNWELL jointed in the PTC (Power Transmission and Control)ASIA Exhibition in Shanghai.One of SUNWELL Client invited SUNWELL President Mr. CHEN Wei and Vice General Manager Ms. Nina jointed in the PTC ASIA Exhibition.Mr. CHEN Introduced SUNWELL products ranges to the ...
SUNWELL joined in the Shanghai Sealing Exhibition in Nov.21~24 2015
  SUNWELL joined in the Shanghai Sealing Exhibition in Nov.21~24 2015 Since Oct.21~24 2015 SUNWELL jointed in the 2015 Shanghai Sealing Exhibition in Shanghai.President Mr. Chen Wei and SUNWELL Sale Team visited together. SUNWELL jointed into the Sealing Exhibition as one of the sponsors.SUNWELL had been showing th...
SUNWELL SEALING factory layout publish for helping you know SUNWELL more
  SUNWELL Covering 6,660 square meters. Usage 9,350 square meters.Manufacturing the Spiral Wound Gaskets, Kammprofile Gaskets, Graphite Gaskets, and Ranges of Non-metallic gaskets etc.OEM Services. 1.1 Lobb...
SUNWELL will joint in ACHEMA 2015 in June 15 - 19 in Frankfurt Germany
  SUNWELL will participate in the ACHEMA 2015 Exhibition in June 15 - 19 in Frankfurt Germany. HALL 9.1 B93 Exactly location in ACHEMA: Warmly Welcome to Visit & meet with us SUNWELL wil showing the newest sealing materials and products, eg. Spiral Wound Gaskets, Graphite Gaskets, Ring Joint Gaskets, Kamm...
Copper Jacketed Gasket
  SUNWELL successful producing the copper double jacketed gaskets. The DJG gaskets made by die-formed molds in one piece of copper sheets, without any welding parts. The filler is flexible graphite. Welcome to send the inquires to SUNWELL. SUNWELL IT Depart. June 6th.2014
SUNWELL upgraded ERP System
  For providing perfect service for clients, and know the situation of the goods well. eg. Gasket, Packing, Compression Sheets. SUNWELL stocking full range of finished spiral wound gaskets, kammpofile gaskets, and non metallic gaskets. And we wil improving the quality of stocking, for providing the fastest de...
SUNWELL equip Sealing Performance Testing Equipment
  For improving the testing ability and ensure to supply the qualified sealing products for clients. SUNWELL Equiped new type of sealng performance testing equipment. The equipment can testing the gaskets from 1/2'' to 8'', eg. spiral wound gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, graphite gaskets, etc. PC System can get the...
Large Diameter Double Jacketed Gaskets Successful Producing
  Through the hard working and successful design. SUNWELL finished the producing of large diameter double jacketed gaskets. The maximum OD is 3560mm, and the width of the sealing surface is as large as 250mm. Congratulation SUNWELL getting the producing experience for producing so large diameter double jacke...

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