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SUNWELL Metal foil puncher for making tanged metal sheet. It is efficient with double line needle. Change single needles easily, and low cost. The diameter of needle is 1.2mm, 1.5mm, the thickness of ...
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SUNWELL Gasket cutter with double knives can cut non metallic and semi metallic round gaskets or segments, inner and outer diameter is finished synchronously. Especially for making reinforced graphite...
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SUNWELL Eyelets wrapping machine fixing U profile metal tape to inner and outer border of gasket by roller. The metal eyelets can offer special protection against blowout and chemical attack, also imp...
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SUNWELL Eyelets metal tape shaper for making flat metal tape into ā€œUā€ profile for eyelets of cutting gaskets. The speed can be adjusted.
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SUNWELL Complex sheet calendar to compound graphite, asbestos and non-asbestos etc. non-metallic reinforced with tanged or smooth foil insertion. Roller diameter 300mm is normal for width 1000mm, and ...
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