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SUNWELL manufacture and supply a lot of high quality sealing products for marine and naval fleets. We also work closely with design engineers of marine equipments to develop sealing products that can be used in confidence in all areas of maritime activity.

Non metallic gasket and Compression sheets

SUNWELL B*** ranges of compression sheets and non metallic gaskets are extensively used during shipbuilding and on-board plant maintenance.

Metallic Gaskets

SUNWELL Kammprofile and spiral wound gaskets are widely used in marine pressure vessels and pipelines where the temperature, pressure, flow rates or vibration are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials. SUNWELL 700 Reinforced graphite gaskets also in available. They are well proven on steam, hydraulic and heat exchanger plants.

Braided Pakcings

Full range of braided packing covers every marine gland-sealing duty-from centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and valves to rudder posts and stern glands. Such as SUNWELL P10* range of PTFE Packings, P20* range of graphite PTFE Packings, P40* range of graphite packings, etc.

Expansion joints & Bellows

All ranges of expansion joints and flexible bellows are widely used for marine. Typical application include air intakes, gas turbines exhausts, cooling ducts, and protectors for hydraulic rams.

Flexible Metal Hose

SUNWELL Flexible metal hose and non metallic hoses are widely used in ship oil system, water system, living systems, tank connection system.

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