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SUNWELL have supplied gaskets, packings and hydraulic sealing products, etc for multi-national steel corporations. Giant forging presses, extrusion presses, hot rolling mills, the largest steelworks and aluminium plants all reply on SUNWELL's proven track record as a leader in fluid sealing.

Gaskets and jointing

SUNWELL Kammprofile gaskets and Spiral wound gaskets are used in the metallurgical industry where temperature, pressures, flow rates and vibration are beyond the capability of conventional flange jointings. And the the Ring Joint Gaskets solve flange jointing problems on higher pressure and temperature pipework.

Compression Sheet & OEMs Gaskets

In addition to our comprehensive range of compression sheets and high temperature expanded graphite sheets, we supply all shapes, sizes, and quantities, etc. And according to the requirements to manufacture OEMs type rubber, metallic gaskets.

Hydraulic Sealing Products

SUNWELL Ranges of rod/gland seals, piston seals, wiper and bearing strips suit the most accurate instruments and control actuators up the heaviest jacks, cylinders and presses

Braided Packings

Many of SUNWELL's braided packing are recommended for pump, valve and static duties in the metallurgical sector. Eg. SUNWELL P40* ranges of graphite packings, Aramid packings, /span>etc.

Expansion joints & Bellows

Our expansion joints are extensively specified for duties on metallurgical plant such as air intakes, exhaust gas ducts and fans. The flexible bellows protect hydraulic rams on positioning cylinders working in aggressive environments.

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