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We provide the highest sealing products for the nuclear sector, it includes an extensive range of sealing products, continuous research and development of new materials and products, on-site and off-site technical advise, sales support and product training.

Nuclear Grade Gaskets

SUNWELL provide unclear grade gaskets, SUNWELL 700 nuclear grade expanded graphite gaskets, SUNWELL 1300 PTFE gaskets, SUNWELL 1400 Non-asbestos gaskets, etc.

Braided Packings

Our range of packings for all known operating condition with valves, and rotary or reciprocating pumps. We manufacture gland packings based on PTFE, graphite, Graphite PTFE, aramid, etc. The packings for highly specialised duties.

Expansion joints & Bellows

Our unclear grade expansion joints and bellows are made in a wide range of flexible materials suitable for high temperature duties, as well as protection of components from abrasive envirionments and retention of essential lubricants.

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