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SUNWELL provides ranges of sealing products that meet the specific needs of the paper, pulp and board industries. The products has excellent resistance to high abrasive media, hot and highly caustic slurries, and non-contaminating qualities for fine paper production.

Gaskets and jointing

SUNWELL Compression sheet can cut into gaskets to any shape, size and quantity, such as SUNWELL B10* Range of Non-asbestos sheet, SUNWELL B20* Range of graphite sheet, SUNWELL B30* Range of PTFE sheets, etc.

Braided Packings

We manufacture a wide range of braided packings for pumps, valves, agitators, mixer and refiners. SUNWELL P10* Range of PTFE Packings, SUNWELL P20* Graphite PTFE Packings, which for non-contamination media in fine paper production.

Hydraulic sealing products

Ranges of rod/gland seals, piston seals, wiper and bearing strips suit the most accurate instruments and control actuators up the heaviest jacks, cylinder and presses.

Expansion Joints and Bellows

We provide the complete engineered solution to ductwork expansion problems.

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