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Our range of sealing products and associated components are widely used in hydroelectric applications. The quality and longevity of our products are well appreciated by agent and operators.

Gland packing for pumps and valves

SUNWELL P10*Ranges of PTFE packings, SUNWELL P20* Ranges ofGraphite PTFE Packings, SUNWELL P40* Ranges of graphite packings, and SUNWELL IJ90* Injectable Packings, etc. All these provide long-term sealing with high abrasive slurries and chemicals used in treatment process.

Cut gaskets and compression sheets

SUNWELL B10* Ranges of non-asbestos sheets and gaskets. SUNWELL 1300 PTFE gaskets, SUNWELL 1700 Ranges of rubber gaskets, and SUNWELL 700 Expanded graphite gaskets. All of these can be supplied in any shapes, sizes and quantity.

Gaskets and Jointing

SUNWELL 600 Spiral wound gaskets, SUNWELL 700 Reinforced graphite gaskets, SUNWELL 900 Double jacket gaskets, SUNWELL 1000 Corrugated Gaskets. SUNWELL 1810 Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tapes widely used in Wind Power Generations.

O-rings and moulded rubber products

We precision mould o-rings and other components for the water industry, and excellent oil resistance of NBR, EPDM, Viton, etc seals.

Hydraulic sealing products

Ranges of rod and gland seals, piston seals, wiper and guide rings suit the most accurate instruments and control actuator up the heaviest jacks and cylinder. The products are with long operating life.

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