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Nomex Fiber Packing

Nomex Fiber Packing


Nomex Fiber Packing braided from high quality Dupont Spun nomex
yarns with PTFE impregnated and lubricant additive, high cross-sectional
density and structural strength, good sliding characteristic, gentle on shaft.
Compared to kevlar, not hurt shaft, good idea for food industries.

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Nomex fiber packing braided from high quality Dupont Nomex yarns with PTFE impregnation and lubricant additive. High cross-sectional density and structural strength.

Typical Application

>This is a universal packing which can be used for pumps in all types of industry.

>Designed specially for pumps, agitators, mixers, kneaders, refiners, etc.

>Excellently suitable for standardization in entire industrial sectors.

Prime Features

>Good sliding characteristic, gentle on shaft surfaces.

>Not hurt shaft, also ideal for food industries.

>Clean packing and easy-to-install packing.

Technical Data

Material Dupont Aramid Fiber (with or without PTFE impregnated)
Temperature Range -100 up to +280 oC
Process Rotating 25 bar
Reciprocating 50 bar
Static 100 bar
Shaft Speed 20m/s (Rotating)
PH 1~13
Density Appr. 1.3g/cm3