Graphite Tapes & SWG FIllers

SUNWELL graphite tape and SWG packing are produced in-house using the latest CNC-controlled slitting equipment, which provides consistently accurate tape widths of more than 3 mm and minimal material waste. There are two types of tape, plain weave or corrugated, and both can be back glued. We can provide various materials for spiral wound packing, including PTFE, mica and graphite, and various lengths and widths are available upon request.

SUNWELL tapes are produced in-house using CNC-controlled slitting equipment to provide consistently accurate tape widths. Our graphite belts are made of high-quality materials and are available in a variety of grades, including ultra-high purity, oxidation and corrosion resistance. Flexible and soft, highly impermeable to gas and liquid.

We can provide a width of 3 mm to 1000 mm, whether it is plain weave or corrugated paper, we can provide back glue. The graphite tape provided is used to manufacture molded rings, packing for spiral wound gaskets, facing materials for.