Spiral wound gasket - the most widely used gasket

Spiral wound gasket is an important sealing element. Metal spiral wound gasket is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding and other industries. It is the key component of static sealing of current pressure pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment part.

The main raw materials of metal spiral wound gaskets: inner and outer rings, graphite strips, metal steel strips, metal spiral wound gaskets can include an outer ring, an inner ring or both. The outer ring aligns the gasket with the flange and acts as a limit for gasket compression. The inner ring not only provides additional radial strength, but also reduces flange erosion and protects sealing elements. Metal spiral wound gasket can maintain its excellent sealing performance under various harsh conditions of ultra-high temperature and low temperature cycle, strong corrosion and strong radiation.

Metal spiral wound gaskets are one of the most widely used gaskets, spiral wound gaskets provide a low cost seal and can be used in the case of operating temperature and pressure fluctuations. The sealing diaphragm formed by winding multiple layers of metal and packing effectively reduces possible leakage. Good resilience and high strength make metal wound gaskets ideal for a variety of use and operating conditions, and are widely used in refineries and chemical plants.

Of course, it can be used not only in heavy industry, but also in light industry. Installation Note that the wound part of the flanged metal spiral wound gasket must be between the flange sealing surfaces. The basic metal spiral wound gasket should not be used on the flange on the concave and convex surface. This is because the basic gasket is pressed axially on the flange. Under the action of force, the welding point of the inner ring of the gasket is easy to be welded, resulting in the failure of the gasket. Under severe working conditions such as high temperature, cold or frequent alternating hot and cold, large vibration, and strong corrosive medium. High-quality gaskets cannot be replaced with low-quality gaskets.

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