Spiral Wound Gaskets – The Sunwellseals Difference!

Spiral wound gaskets are an excellent multi-purpose gasket used in piping systems around the world. They are somewhat cheap, durable, and readily available in most cases, the great thing about spiral wound gaskets - SWG is that they can be used in all pressure classes, from 150# to 2500#. Spiral wound gaskets are designed to be explosion proof and are widely accepted in the industry as a "fireproof" type of gasket.

Are all spiral wound gaskets the same?

The general assumption for spiral wound gaskets is that they are all the same. This is both true and false. Now I'm going to play the devil's advocate on this. The reason I answered correctly is because all standard sized spiral wound gaskets are generally manufactured to ASME B16.20, which is a dimensional manufacturing standard that covers metal gaskets used in pipe flanges - ring joints, spiral wound and Jacket (gasket). Also included in the publications of this standard are grooved metal gaskets with overlays, also known as Kammprofile gaskets. The latest revision was published in 2012 and is therefore the current standard reference for ASME B16.20-2012. This standard covers gasket dimensions for pipe flanges in accordance with ASME B16.5 or B16.47 as well as gasket construction, metal connections, centering rings, inner rings, gasket compression and marking (general, pressure rating and color code).

However, to answer the direct question, "Are all spiral wound gaskets the same?", my answer is no, they are not. The reason is the metal quality, filler quality (density, grade, thickness) and whether the gasket is manufactured by machines that control the gasket winding pressure and tension, and ultimately control the final quality of the spiral wound gasket.

Final Thoughts Finally, wound gaskets are still considered prior art or simple commodities. However, based on proper metallurgical selection and filler materials, it can be a very innovative engineering solution to today's modern sealing challenges. So the next time you have to replace a gasket and you are unsure or in doubt, you can also fill out the Gasket Request Data Sheet: https://www.sunwellseals.com/contact.html or E-mail us : sales@sunwellseals.com(Mr. CHEN)