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Cork Rubber Sheet

Cork Rubber Sheet


SUNWELL Cork rubber sheet is made by using granulated cork and synthetic rubber polymer and their assistants. The cork mixed material such as neoprene and nitrile, silicone, vitone, etc.

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SUNWELL Cork rubber sheet the compressibility of cork with the flexibility characteristics of rubber to make an excellent sealing material. All are available in rolls cut to your specifications for thickness and width.

Typical Application

> Make for gaskets of various engines of automobiles, tractors, plans, ships, and pipes petroleum, transformers, electric equipment,etc.

Prime Features

>High resilience of rubber and compressibility of cork

>Excellent performance

Technical Data

Item Graded by hardness
Hardness Shore A 55~70 (Medium) 70~85 (Hard)
Density g/cm3 ≤0.9 (Medium) ≤1.05 (Hard)
Tensile strength kg/cm2 ≥15 (Medium) ≥20 (Hard)
Compressibility (300psi load) % 15~30 (Medium) 10~20 (Hard)
Sealing pressure min 28kg/cm2
Internal Pressure Max 3.5kgf/cm2
Service Temperature Max -40~120~150oC


>950x640mmx0.8~100mm (Untrimmed)

>915x610mmx0.8~100mm (Trimmed)

>Package: Carton Box





>Other sizes on requirements.