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Corrugated Gaskets

SUNWELL SEALS Corrugated Metal Gaskets are produced by infusing seamless layers  of flexible graphite at varying densities and thickness over a corrugated metallic core. A unique corrugated pattern which increases the depth of the groove and the pitch at the peak of the corrugation. This greatly improves the Corrugated Gaskets sealablity over traditional corrugated design. CMG is an excellent choice of 150 and 300 class ASME flanges where available bolt loading is minimal.

SUNWELL SEALS Producing the core by laser cutting and make the corrugation surface by 150 Ton ~ 500 Ton hydraulic pressure machine. From 1/2" to 24" 150 and 300 class are made one-time suppression. SUNWELL SEALS have full range of RF and FF molds. When the sizes of corrugated gaskets are large than 24 inchs, we use the concentric molds section pressing.