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 Ramie Packing with Graphite

Ramie Packing with Graphite


Ramie packing with graphite and oil impregnation, graphite coated and mineral oil lubricated throughout.

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Typical Application

>The medium hard packing which is lubricated and graphited throughout.

>Extremely low frictional characteristics where minimum shaft wear is essential

>Handling cold water, brine and cold oils

Prime Features

>Low frictional characteristics

>Rot resistant and ideal for marine use

Technical Data

Material Ramie fiber and special oil and graphite
Temperature Range -50 up to +120 oC atmosphere;
Process Rotating 15 bar
Reciprocating 15 bar
Static 20 bar
Shaft Speed 6m/s in rotary
PH 6~8
Density 1.25 g/cm3