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Graphite Gasket with Eyelets One Piece

Graphite Gasket with Eyelets One Piece


Reinforced with Tanged SS316L insertion

Inner Eyelet made by one-piece, without welding

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SUNWELL 740 is a graphite gasket reinforced with a 0.1mm thick tanged SS316L sheet and 316L or 316Ti inner eyelet.
The inner eyelet reinforcement on the edge significantly improves the pressure resistance of the flat seal, Especially in surge pressure situation, prevents corrosion of sealing surface and facilitates the handling of the seal.


SUNWELL 740 is suitable for use the virtually any media.

It's excellent chemical and heat resistance the gaskets is widely used with the petrochemical and chemical industries, eg. Steel Applications.

Benefits and Properties

Hihger long-term sealing standards

Very good residual stress value

Excellent conformability to flange irregularities

Outstanding chemical and thermal resistance

Low maintenance expenses thanks to the sealing materials' long service life


What's the diameter of the one whole piece inner eyelets of graphite gaskets?

SUNWELL: We have the molds from 1/2" to 8"

Can we ask for the marking on the graphite gaskets?

SUNWELL: Yes, SUNWELL has the experience on doing marking on the graphite gaskets.