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 Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket

Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket


Without reinforced metal inside.

Standard grade: 98% pure exfoliated graphite.

Widest temperature range.

Very easy to cut, although large gaskets may need
support carriage and fitting.

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A premium quality graphite jointing gaskets made by 98% pure exfoliated graphite.

High quality grade made by 99.8% grade graphite is available for nuclear industry applications.

Prime Features

> Widest temperature range.

>Very easy to cut: although large gaskets may need support during carriage and fitting.


>PDensity: 0.7~1.0g/cm3

>Compressibility (ASTM F36A): 30%

>Recovery (ASTM F36A): >/= 10%

>Pressure: 40bar

>Temperature: -240~+550 oC

>PH: 0~14


ASME B 16.21, DIN2690, And according to your requirements.


Does SUNWELL produce the graphite gaskets by die-formed molds or hydraulic molding?

SUNWELL: We do both, it's based on the sizes and density requirements.

Is there other grade of graphite gaskets in SUNWELL?

SUNWELL: Yes, the regular industrial grade, Anti-Oxidation grade, Nuclear grade, etc. It's according to your requestment.

How to packaging and protecting the pure graphite gaskets?

SUNWELL: The standard packaging of the pure graphite gaskets are 10 pcs/bundle, then wrapping by the plastc film.

We also can do the vacuum packaging, but there's extra packaging charges.