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Insulation Gasket Types

Insulation Gasket Types

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Full range of insulation gaskets for ASME Flanges;

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Insulation Gasket Types

>Type E Gasket;

>Type F Gasket;


Type E Gasket

Type "E" is a full face flange gasket, it's for FF Gasket with same out diameter asthe full face flange and precision cut bolt holes.

It is designed facilitates proper alignment of the gasket during installation.

This assembly minimizes the ingress of conductive foreigh matter between the portions of the flanges, outer side the rase face and reduces the risk of bridging.

Type F Gasket

Type "F" Gaskets are made to fit the raised face protion of the flang only.

As there are no bolt holes in this F type gaskets, the out diameter of the gasket fit tightly into place assuring a well centered position.