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SUNWELL GR109 Vermiculite Filler

SUNWELL GR109 Vermiculite Filler

High temperature and high expending capacity;

Heat Insulation, Frost Resistance, Fire Prevention, HFFS

100% Asbestos Free

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SUNWELL GR109 RM-VERM835-SW Vermiculite filler is cutting from the Vermiculite sheets or rolls which made of expanded vermiculite and a contain amount of adhesive through hot or cold pressing.

It's the ideal material to replace asbestos and ceramic fillers, while avoiding the mica despite high temperature but does not expanding the defect.


1. 100% Asbestos Free

2. High temperature and high expanding capacity,

3. High insulation, Frost resistance, Fire prevention, Sound absorption and water absorption.

More information and technical details of the Vermiculite Filler, Kindly contact with SUNWELL by sales@sunwellseals.com