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Mica Filler For Spiral Wound Gaskets

Mica Filler For Spiral Wound Gaskets


Replace of Thermiculite;

Excellent performance for high temperature and anti electrical.

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SUNWELLSEALS GR107 Mica filler for spiral wound gaskets is an asbestos-free sealing material. The mica is exceptional in it resistance to high heat.

At the temperature of 900 F the ideal sealing material graphite can not used.

Flexible graphite will coke at those elevated temperatures when oxygen is present, where mica gasket material will not (900~1,850 F).

Mica filler is en excellent alternative in these high temperature to 1,800F applications.

It can be cutted to different width for producing the different thickness of spiral wound.


100% non asbestos;

High temperature ranges;

Resists fire without burning, It's Fire Safe;

Low heat conductivity;

Small weight loss at elevated temperature;

Resists a wide array of chemicals.


Mica content92%
Bond Content8%
Continuous Temp.700~750C
Intermittent Temp.1,000C
Heat loss at 500C<1%
Heat loss at 700C<2%
Flexural Strength>300Mpa
Dielectric Strength>/-11KW/mm
Insulation Resistant 23C10x17Ω.cm
Insulation Resistant 500C10x12Ω.cm
Flame Resistant90V0
Smoking Test<4S

Supplying Types

SWG4.5mm THK3.2mm THK
PackagingOn plastic platesOn plastic plates
WeightN.W.0.33~0.35KGS. Plastic plate: 0.06KGSN.W.0.27KGS. Plastic Plate:0.06KGS

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