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Graphite Packing with Carbon Fiber Corners

Graphite Packing with Carbon Fiber Corners


Graphite packing with carbon fiber corners is a multi-fiber packing,
braided from expanded graphite yarns and carbon fibers, the diagonally braided
from graphite yarn, reinforced in all four corners with carbon fibers.
The corners and body make the packing three times more resistant to extrusion
and increase the pressure handing capabilities compared to traditional graphite

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There are multi inconel wires reinforced to create the packing with increased extrusion resistance capability.

Typical Application

>It can be used in many demanding applications, both dynamic and static

>Particularly suited for high temperature and high pressure service in valves, pumps, expansion joints, mixers and agitators of pulp and paper, power station and chemical plant etc.

Prime Features

>More resistant to extrusion

>Increase the pressure handing capabilities.

Technical Data

Material 100% Expanded Graphite Yarn
Temperature Range -200 up to +555 oC atmosphere;
-200 up to +650oC in Steam
Process Rotating 3 Mpa
Reciprocating 10 Mpa
Valves 28 Mpa
Shaft Speed 18m/s in rotary
PH 0~14
Density 1.5 g/cm3