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Pure Graphite PTFE Packing

Pure Graphite PTFE Packing


Braided from pure Graphite PTFE yarn without any lubrication. It is non-contaminating packing.

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Graphite PTFE Packing is a specially engineered yarn combining graphite and PTFE. As both PTFE and graphite are excellent sealing materials, this gives GPTFE packing great sealing properties that other products can not offer.

Typical Application

>For used in pumps, valves, reciprocating and rotating shafts, mixers and agitators

>Can be safely used in all chemical pump applications with the exception of molten alkali materials, fluoride, fuming nitric acid and other strong oxidizing agents.

>It is against water, steam, petroleum derivatives, vegetable oil and solvents.

Prime Features

>Tough and durable

>Self-lubricant, heat and chemical resistant.

Technical Data

Material 100% Pure Graphite PTFE yarn
Temperature Range -150 up to +280 oC
Process Rotating 20 bar
Reciprocating 100 bar
Static 150 bar
Shaft Speed 16m/s
PH 0~14
Density 1.4~1.6g/cm3