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 Graphite Sheet with Metal Mesh

Graphite Sheet with Metal Mesh


Graphite Sheet reinforced with metal mesh is made of expanded flexible graphite SUNWELL B201, reinforced by a metal mesh of SS304 or SS316 or CS, graphite content of more than 98%, the density is 1.0g/cm

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Graphite Sheet Reinforced with metal mesh insert is made from SUNWELL B201 Flexible graphite sheet through specially pressing or sticking process. The insert materials can be SS304, SS316, Nickel, etc. It used in kinds of conditions, and various gaskets.

SUNWELL B204N – Unclear grade Flexible graphite sheet

Typical Application

>Made for various gaskets

>Suitable for petrochemical, mining, vessels, boilers, piping and duct, pumps and valves, flanges

Prime Features

>Lone life and less maintenance

>Replacement for asbestos, new more applications are being indentified daily.

>Excellent comprehensive properties

>Good compressibility and resilience, small stress relaxation, fine compensation function

> Permanently elastic, even in hot-cold cycles over the entire temperature range, no aging, no brittleness, no hot or cold flow.

Technical Data

Item Industrial grade Unclear grade
Tolerance of density g/cm3 +/-0.06 +/-0.05
Carbon content >/= % 98/99 99.5
Tensile strength >/= Mpa 3~20 5~25
Compressibility >/= % 30 30
Recovery >=/ % 15 15
Sulphur content <= % 1200 700
Chlorine content <= % 50 25
Stress relaxation rate % 10 10
Lgnition loss <= % 2.0 0.5