Seals and insulates at all pressure classed including API 15000 psi service;

Can mate mismatched RTJ with raise-face flanges;

Designed to withstand corrosive environments, Including high concentrations of CO2, H2S, produced water, etc

Easy installation, make up and removal

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SUNWELL SEALS Supplying Range:

1"~60" available


SUNWELL SEALS CHG gasket material incorporates high-strength, glass reinforced epoxy laminated bonded to a stainless steel core.

This provides the strength of a traditional metallic gasket while maintaining complete electrical insulation between the flange faces.

Seal grooves are machined through the laminate insulating material and into the stainless steel core which provides a strong base for the seal to seat into and breaks the potential leak path that is inherent in glass laminate materials. Spring energized Teflon internal face seals are installed in the dovetail shape seal grooves to provide the reliable sealing.

Advantage and Benefits:

Extreme high-reliability sealing and insulating solution for all critical services. Seals and insulates at all pressures classed including API 15000 psi services

  1. Seals and insulates at all pressure classed including API 15000 psi service;
  2. Withstands severe service conditions including large bending moments, vibration, temperature and pressure cycling;
  3. Designed to withstand corrosive environments, including high concentrations of CO2, H2S, produced water, etc;
  4. Outstanding insulation properties for cathodic protection;
  5. Pressure-activated seals provide high confidence sealing and eliminate costly leaks;
  6. Gasket is sized to the bore to protect flange faces from media-induced corrosion and flow-induced erosion;
  7. Prevents turbulent flow at flanged connections;
  8. Mitigates galvanic corrosion in dissimilar metal flanges;
  9. Available to match any flange specification (ANSI, API, MSSP, BA, DIN, AS, Others);
  10. Can mate mismatched RTJ with raised-face flanges;
  11. Easy installation, make up and removal.


1. Stainless Steel Core:

The standard stainless steel core is SS316L, special materials such as duplex steel, inconel stainless steel are can be made according to your requirements.

2. Glass Reinforced Epoxy:

The standard glass reinforced epoxy material is NAME G10, G11 is available when the temperature requirement is higher.

Specification between G10 Bonded and G11 Bonded:

G10 BondedG11 Bonded
Dielectric strength volts/mil550550
Compressive strength psi65,00050,000
Water absoprtion %0.050.085
Flexural strength psi65,00060,000
Tensile strength psi50,00045,000
Operating Temp oF-65 to +280-50 to +349
Operating Temp oC-54 to + 138-45 to +176

3. Seal

The standard sealing material is Spring Energized Teflon which suitable for most of working conditions. Meanwhile, the other materials like VITON also available

Temperatures of different sealing materials:

Operating Temp oF-40 to +250-20 to +350-320 to +450
Operating Temp oC-40 to +121-29 to +177

-196 to +232

4. Sleeves

ASTMTest MethodMylarG10
D149Dielectric Strength Volts/Mil Short Time1,100775
D570Water Absorption (%)0.80.05
D790Flexural Strength (psi)13,00065,000

Operating Temperature

-75 to +302oF

(-59 to +150oC

Cryogenic to 302oF (150oC)

5. Washers:

ASTMTest MethodG10G11G3PhenolicSteel (HC)
D149Dielectric Strength Volts/Mil Short Time750~800520500500750~800
D695Compressive Strength (psi)65,00050,00055,00025,000-
D570Water Absorption (%)

Operating TemperatureCryogenic to 302oF(150oC)

-100 to +392oF

(-73 to +200oC)

-100 to +392oF

(-73 to +200oC)

-65 to +220oF

(-54 to +104oC)

-100 to +392oF

(-73 to +200oC)

Standard SUNWELL SEALS CHG description when you ordering:

NPS + CLASS + MTL (G11 + TES + G11 + G11 + ZPS) + Standard + Qty

(G11 + TES + G11 + G11 + ZIP) = Gasket + Seals + Sleeves + Washers + Metal Washers

Gasket Type

E or F
Gasket MaterialGlass Reinforced Epoxy (G-10) Bonded to SS316L Core
SealSpring Energized Teflon Seal
Gasket Thickness0.250"
SleevesG-10 or Mylar
Washers (Double)

G-10, Carbon Steel Zinc Plated, Hardened Steel, Teflon Coated