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Kammprofile Gaskets

Serrated Metal Gasket is another say of Kammprofile Gasket. Kammprofile Gasket is composed of a grooved core with layer of graphite or composition sheet material on both sides. There're 3 standard styles of this kammprofile gasket, Basic Kammprofile, Fixed Guide Ring Kammprofile and Floating Guide Ring Kammprofile. SUNWELL SEALS called KP1, KP2 and KP3.  Kammprofile Gaskets are a superb alternative for Metal Jacketed Gaskets.

SUNWELL SEALS Kammprofile Gaskets are made by the full automatic CNC and the Kammprofile Milling Machines. Fully automatic equipment manufacturing is excellent accurate in controlling the grooving parts. Kammprofile gasket both surfaces are produced with soft layers consisting of either graphite, PTFE or Mica.