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Full Automatic Kammprofile Machine

Full Automatic Kammprofile Machine


A new concept grooving machine for producing kammprofile gaskets;

CNC Lathe, Full automatic;

Grooving completely range of kammprofile shapes, also can do inner ring angling and guide ring grooving.

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SUNWELL E500KGM-B is a new concept grooving machine for producing the Kammprofile Gaskets.

It has properties of CNC lathe, and supported by a special designed fast clamping system. After setting the data on the PLC, the operator only need to put the workpiece on the work table, and press "AUTO" botton, the machine will complete the whole pressing automatically as your setting data.

On the interface touch screen, preset the date for required kammprofile gasket, by the control of PLC, the variable speed gear will drive the workpiece to rotate at high speed, at the same time, the servo system move the cutter to groove the surface of the workpiece.

Special design fast clamping system can suit different thickness with width of gasket, don't need any more custom made clamp for different sizes.

Machinable Products:

Kammprofile Gaskets (Whole range of different sections, eg. Flat, Convex, etc.

Wave tooth gaskets;

Inner Ring Angling;

Guide Ring Grooving.

Machinable Section of Kammpro:

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More Details of the SUNWELL E500KGM-B details, Kindly contact with SUNWELL Sales Team through: sales@sunwellseals.com