Gasket Cutter Tools

Gasket Cutter Tools


Easy cutting;

Anywhere cutting;

Small tolerance;


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SUNWELL T900-HX1500 Gasket Cutter Tools Kits

Cutting blade, hand feed lever, rotary control briguetting, punching tools, hex wrench, ruler, etc. can cut any non-metallic gasket, fiber materials, rubber materials, PTFE materials, graphite sheets.

Cut out the gaskets looks beautiful, neat edges, precise sizes.

Simple operation

Only need on gasket cutter on a workbench, or anywhere in the maintenance of on-site cutting.

Easy operating

Easy operating;

Accurate cutting of the thickness of the high strength of the gaskets; Repeatedly cut the same size gaskets, just one will be able to determine the size of the inner and outer diameters. More information of the T900-HX1500 Gasket cutter tools kits, please contact with SUNWELL sales team