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Metal O Rings

Metal O Rings


Full Range of the Metal O Rings;

Different condition by different design

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SUNWELLSEALS Providing the high quality Metal O Rings.

SUNWELL 900-O is standard O ring.

SUNWELL 900-SP is the Metal O ring with the spring insertion.

The metal o rings are made by the thin metal tubes, stainless steel, Inconel 718, Nickel and Monel tubes,

After bending well and polishing, the metal o ring has high precision circle shape.

The empty inside section has good performance for adjusting the innder and outer pressure differences.


Temperature: -270Deg C to +750 Deg C;

Pressure: 1,500kgf/cm2

In vaccum condition, the mmHg will be higher 10-9mm. it equal like +300MPa

Diameter of SUNWELLSEASL providing: 6mm ~ 4,500mm

Section Diameter : 0.9mm ~ 12.7mm.

Shapes: Round, Rectangle, Obround, etc.