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Hard Mica Sheet

Hard Mica Sheet


SUNWELL hard mica sheet is used as a replacement for asbestos and other insulating board for a variety of applications. High performance thermal and electrical insulation is designed for electromechanical application requirement.

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SUNWELL B502W -- Soft white mica sheet

SUNWELL B502G -- Golden Mica Sheet

Typical Application

>For insulating, used in metallurgy, chemical engineering and electric heater, etc


Prime Features

>Instead of asbestos

>High mechanical strength and good of heat resistance.

Technical Data

Item Test by B502G
Binder content % 10~15
Density g/cm3 2.45
Heat Resistance Continuous oC 500/700
Peak oC 700/1000
Weight loss continuous temp. 500 oC % <1
700 oC % <2
Water absorption 24h/23oC % <1
Fire resistance classification 94V ~0
Dielectric strength 20oC kv/mm 25
400oC C/1 hour, tested at 20oC kv/mm 13
600oC C/1 hour, tested at 20oC kv/mm 10
Volume resistivity 20oC ohm.cm 10-16
400oC ohm.cm 10-12
500oC ohm.cm 10-9
Normal dimension: 1200x1000mm, 600x1000mm, thickness:0.2~80mm


UL Recognized component 94V~0 Flame class rating, file card E216697

Other sizes on requirements.