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Soft Mica Sheet

Soft Mica Sheet


SUNWELL Soft mica sheet made by mica material mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked. Under normal condition with a soft, heat-resistant.

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SUNWELL B501W -- Soft white mica sheet

SUNWELL B501G -- Golden Mica Sheet

SUNWELL B501T -- Golden Mica Sheet reinforced with Tanged Metal

Typical Application

>It is the best and most reliable permanent sealing characteristics

>Cut into various gaskets

>Filler for spiral wound gaskets

Prime Features

>Low minimum compression load

>Self adjusting to enlarging gaps, no burning or sticking to flanges

>Compensating action in ceramic and steel joints with unequal expansion

Technical Data

Size mm 1000x1200, 600x1000
Thickness mm 0.5~5.0
Temperature oC 650~900
Pressure Mpa 10
Density g/cm3 1.8~2.1