How to choose and install spiral wound gaskets

Selection of metal spiral wound gaskets

When selecting metal spiral wound gaskets, the gasket standard is determined according to the flange standard. Usually, the gasket standard is matched with the flange standard selection. First of all, it is necessary to master the working condition pressure of the sealed medium, the standard and type of the flange, and specify the required standard. Select the structure type and pressure level of the metal wound gasket; and then select the applicable metal wound tape material and non-metallic filler material according to the working temperature and chemical corrosion characteristics of the sealed medium.

Corrosive metal and non-metallic materials; finally, select the corresponding gasket size according to the nominal diameter and structure of the flange, and mark the gasket you choose according to the labeling example specified in the standard, and the selection can be determined; if it is a non-standard winding For gaskets, it is necessary to determine the metal and non-metallic materials, and then the structural size and thickness of the gasket.

At the same time, the factors to be considered include: sufficient gasket stress to ensure sealing, preventing excessive compression of the gasket. The designed installation structure (generally determined by the structural dimensions of the two mating flanges), the safety characteristics of large gasket installation, the impact of non-standard gasket structure on the cost of the overall equipment structure, etc.;

Installation and use of metal spiral wound gaskets

Installation and use should pay attention to the following matters:

1. The sealing gasket and flange sealing surface should be cleaned, and there should be no scratches, spots and other defects that affect the sealing performance of the connection.

2. The outer diameter of the gasket should be smaller than the outer diameter of the flange sealing surface, and the inner diameter of the gasket should be slightly larger than the inner diameter of the pipe. The inner edge shall not protrude into the container or pipe so as not to obstruct the flow of fluid in the container or pipe.

3. The gasket must be placed in the center of the flange, which is especially important for shoulder flanges;

4. The installation of the gasket must ensure that the connecting bolts are tightened evenly and symmetrically; however, the design value should not be reached once screwed. Generally, it should be cycled at least 2 to 3 times so that the stress distribution of the gasket is uniform.

5. Check and recalibrate the torque of the connecting bolts after the valve piping system runs for one cycle;

6. In order to ensure the service life of the gasket, please do not use liquid or metal matrix anti-sticking agent or lubricant.

7. If there is leakage in the pipeline, it must be depressurized and then replaced or adjusted to install the gasket

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