What are Copper Gaskets?

What are Copper Gaskets?

Gaskets are very important components in any type of machinery. It acts as a seal between different surfaces to prevent anything from leaking. It can also be considered a mating surface as it fills the space between the parts to handle any irregularities. Washers are usually made of copper, which is what we sell frequently at SUNWELL. If you need copper washers, you may be interested in knowing how they are made and what you can expect from them.

Create Copper Spacers

When we make copper spacers, we use a machine called a punch. The machine uses something called a die, which is a large piece of metal into which the shape of the gasket is cut. It's firmly attached to the punch, and another large piece of metal is constantly being pushed up and down into the die. A piece or roll of raw metal is pushed through the machine. As the chunks of metal are pushed down into the die, the raw metal is cut into the correct shape. Many parts of the same size and shape are made while the stamping machine is working.

Properties of Copper

Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials including, but not limited to, rubber, metal, fiberglass, and silicone. Copper is a popular gasket material because it has properties that make it an obvious choice. It is a conductor of heat and electricity. Because it's such a good conductor, it actually improves the electrical energy efficiency of the motor. Therefore, it is a wise investment in a motorized machine. It's soft and malleable, so it's easy to work with. It is less prone to corrosion because it slowly reacts with oxygen to form a layer of copper oxide on the metal as a protective layer. It does not react with water, which makes it a good choice for preventing leaks. Copper also has many alloys and compounds that are often used. It is not a very expensive metal,

What We Do

At SUNWELL, we offer many different types of metals. We often use copper, and copper alloys and compounds can also be used. If you are looking for certain properties of copper, please provide us with your specifications and we can find the right metal for you. If you choose to order custom stampings for copper spacers or anything else, we can ensure you will get a part to your exact specifications. Because it's a custom part, it takes longer, but we can usually ship your part to you within two weeks of placing your order. This is the fastest manufacturing and delivery time in our industry.