SUNWELL sister company Golden Mountain (CIXI) obtain the Quality Enterprise of China

SUNWELL Sister Company Golden Mountain (CIXI) obtain the "Quality Enterprise" Certificate which is the United Approval by:

National Sealing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,

National Standardization Committee,

Hydaulic and Sealing Association.

The group President Mr. CHEN WEI accepted the medal on behalf of the SUNWELLSEALS and GM (Golden Mountain).

"We will continue providing the quality products and services for the end users and clients" He said.

Golden Mountain Sealing Company is the local professional sealing and gaskets manufacuturer.

The "CNPC" "SINOPEC" etc are the clients of "GM".

Quality products & High grade local services.

There're 4 different locations in China mainland, including north, west and south regions.

More details, Welcome to contact with SUNWELLSEALS and Golden Mountain (CIXI).