Large Kammprofile Equipment System Put Into Use in SUNWELL New Facility

One more set of SUNWELL E500KGM-B Kammprofile Grooving machine put into use in SUNWELL new facility.

There's no large diameter limited and easy grooving the kammprofile surface with high speed automaticly.

Easy adjusting the kammprofile shapes, eg. standard V shapes, Convex Shapes and some special corrugated kammprofile shapes. etc.

It has the function with Outer angle grooving for fitting the floating guide rings with 1.75mm width and 1.76mm depth.

More interestingly, it can also be used to make large sized spiral wound gaskets with inner ring chamfering and guide ring slotting.

The non-metallic cutting equipment nearby can quickly cut the covering non-metallic layer on the surface of the gasket according to the size requirements.

We call those combination of the 2 devices above "SUNWELL KP-C system"