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 Expanded PTFE Round Cord

Expanded PTFE Round Cord


Valve-spindle cord made of pure expanded PTFE, used as valve-spindle and flange seals in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Flanges are sealed quickly and securely by simple insertion of a ring of PTFE round cord (Ends twisted)

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Acids, alkalis, solvents, gases,etc.

Especially suitable for sealing flange connections, pip systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc. In addition, it's a good ideal for seals in glass, enamel and plastic flanges, vessels and special shaped sealing surface.

Prime Features

>Clean, non-contaminating and graphite free

>Long maintenance free service life

>Minimal shaft wear and leakage

>Save money and time.

Technical Data

Material 100% Expanded PTFE
Temperature Range -150 up to +260 oC
Process 100bar
Shaft Speed 10m/s
PH 0~14
Density 0.70~0.80 g/cm3