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Pure PTFE Packing with Oil

Pure PTFE Packing with Oil


Braided from the PTFE yarn which with special lubrication, designed for dynamic.

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Pure PTFE Packing with Oil braided from pure PTFE yarn which impregnated with silicone oil. It is designed for dynamic condition. The oil can reduce the frictional factor.

Typical Application

>Universal packing suitable for valves, pumps and agitators in most mediums

Prime Features

>Clean, non-contaminating and graphite free

>Long maintenance free service life

>Minimal shaft wear and leakage

>Superior performance

>Lower frictional factor

Technical Data

Material 100% Pure PTFE yarn with Silicone oil
Temperature Range -150 up to +260 oC
Process Rotating 15 bar
Reciprocating 100 bar
Static 200 bar
Shaft Speed 10m/s
PH 0~14
Density 1.6g/cm3