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Expanded PTFE Sheet

Expanded PTFE Sheet


SUNWELL expanded PTFE sheet as similar as GORE, KLINGER, TEADIT,etc.

It is a universal sheet gasket material for most services, seals rough and irregular surfaces.

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SUNWELL Expanded PTFE Sheet made from biaxial oriented expanded PTFE sheeting that is laminated to the required thickness. Expanded 100% virgin PTFE using a proprietary process that products a uniform and highly frbrillated microstructure with equal tensile strength in all directions.

Typical Application

>Distilleries, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, general chemical, power generation, iron and steel manufacturing, pulp and paper, etc.

Prime Features

>Best chemical corrosion resistance

>PH range 0~14

>Not only resists chemical attack, but it will not contaminate

Technical Data

>Temperature: -180~+260°C

>PH: 0~14

>Thickness: 1/32'', 1/16'', 3/32'', 1/8'', 3/16'', 1/4''.

>Color: White, Blue.

>Color:Size: 60''x60''