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Ax Ring Gaskets

Ax Ring Gaskets


AX Ring Gaskets is the special gasket which suitable for offshore drilling
manufacturing system,

It's a kind of Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets;

Inculding the VX Ring Gasket and CX Ring Gasket

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AX Ring Gasket is the solid gasket by forging, heat treatment and machining. The gaskets is the special ring joint gasket which suitable for offshore drilling manufaturing system.

AS Ring Gasket is one of the Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets.

Mental gaskets with the radial tight sealing effect which include type VX Ring Gasket and CX Ring Gaskets.


>AX Ring Gasket is pressure energized, that is to say the higher the pressure is the better the seal perfomance;

>AX mental gasket is usually used for hydraulic connector, instead of heavy API interface flange with time-consuming install;

> AX mental gasket is light weight and save time. It's used for the mouth of well connected;

>AX mental gasket can replace of API Ring Gaskets;

>The hardness of AX Ring Gaskets must be 15~20HB lower than the mating flange face hardness;

>The seal faces of AX Ring Gasket including the bevel faces shouldn't have the cratches, knock marks, cracks and defects. Its surface roughness shouldn't be larger than Ra 0.8.


Soft Iron, Low Carbon Steel, SS410, SS304, SS316(L), SS347, F5, Copper, Aluminium, Inconel 800, 625, 600,825, Monel 400, Titanium, Nikel 20, Hastelloy C276, B3, Zoronium 702 etc.


>The AX Ring Gaskets are primarily used in the oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industries.

>They are also commonly used on valves, pipe-work assembilies and vessel joints and AX Ring Gaskets are used to seal flanged connections subject to high pressures and temperatures.


>It can be provided any standard and non-standard sizes

>Including API 6A, API 17D, ASME B16.20, DIN 2693-67, JPI-7S-23-72 and other standards