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 HX Seal Rings

HX Seal Rings


HX Seal Rings Elastic seal

It's energized by the deformation of the seal falnages towards
the seal centre line.

This deformation is govened by the groove and seal geometries.

The HX Seal Ring will be pressure energized when subjected to
pressure either from the inside or the outside.

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The HX Seal works equally well both directions and is therfore the best choice when also large external pressures can occur (Recommended for subsea use).

A robust seal used in the most demanding applications.

No practical limit for pressure that can be taken.


>Reduced seal diameters and seating forces;

>Designed for compact connector, maximising load capacity of pressure equipment;

>Leak-free connections Gas-tight metal-to-metal seal;

>Pressure energized seal: assures joint integrity even at extreme pressure;

>High strength materials: Promotes seal ring re-usability;

>All seal ring meet NACE hardness limits.