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Rubber Metal Gaskets

Rubber Metal Gaskets


The steel support ring prevents a blow out of the gasket and increases
stability, allowing the rubber-metal gasket to be handled easily,
even in difficult fitting conditions;

The rubber sealing material ensures a secure seal is created, even in
uneven locations, as it has en excellent ability to adapt to
sealng surfaces.

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Gasket Profiles & Description

Profile Codes Cross Sections Description
1730-MF Main load gasket. The 1730-MF consists of a steel ring which is surrounded on all sides by rubber. The steel ring is therefore protected from corrosion and media.Vulcanisation guarantees a high level of adhesive strength between the rubber and the steel ring.
1730-MY Main load gasket. The 1730-MY has two stable sealing lips on its internal sealing diameter and the same design as 1730-MF on its external diameter.
1730-MO Main load gasket. The 1730-MO consists of a central support ring and a rubber sealing ring with integrally moulded sealing lips. The central support ring is available in galvanised and SS steel or Plastics.
1730-OF Metal-to-metal contact gasket. 1730-OF in its standard form consists of a galvanised and chromated metal support ring and a rubber sealing ring with integrally moulded sealing lips.The support ring is also available in SS steel or plastics. In contrast to traditional gaskets, the rubber sealing ring in the 1730-OF is in off load contact. Any forces that are too high for the rubber sealing ring are borne by the support ring.Very high internal pressures and additional forces from the pipeline system can be permitted. The 1730-OF combines all the advantages of a rubber gasket with those of a metal gasket.
1730-OC Metal-to-metal gasket The 1730-OC is essentially designed in the same way as the 1730-OF. Except that the support ring is made with layers of graphite. The metal core can be made by Kammprofile shape. In normal use the rubber sealing lip forms the primary seal. Under extreme thermal loads.Such as during a fire, the support ring with graphite layers provides the seal.

Rubber Qualities for Rubber-metal Gaskets

Qualities Temperature range in ℃
NBR -30 ~ +100
NR -50 ~ +80
EPDM -40 ~ +110
FKM (eg. VITON) -20 ~ +200