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Santoprene Gaskets

Santoprene Gaskets

Replace EPDM/NBR/NR/SBR/BR parts with Santoprene TPV for steam and water applications for refineries and chemical plats;

Save on OEM margins, lower cost to customize;

In-region production, shorter lead times;

Long term performance;

Recyclable materials.

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Santoprene isn't a rubber, it isn't a plastic, it's both.

Santoprene consists of thermoplastic elastomer vulcanized rubber particles dispersed throughout a heat-formable plastic base.

This gasket material is NSF-61 certified which makes it ideal for use as a potable water gasket.

It has high resistance to compression set after repeated deflection. it is excellent at particularly high temperatures and for long periods of time.

Santoprene is well-suited for potable water, water treatment, and many applications requiring especially tight sealing.

Santoprene can be thermally welded.


PoymerThermoplastic Vulcanizate & Elastomer
ASTM DesignationTPV/TPE
Temperature Range-81F to +275F
Tensile Strength640 psi
FinishMatte (Others available)
Thickness1/8", 1/4"
PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)Available upon request
GradesFDA, NSF-61
Available FormsExtrusions


The Santoprene is found/designed by EXXON MOBIL.

The above values ware typical properties and are provided for information only.

They should no be used to set specification requirements. it is up to the end user to determine whether the material is suitable for the intended application.