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Our skilled production staff and flexible capacity allows us to efficiently produce both short and long production runs as well as meet demanding delivery times. Over the years, in the design and production process made significant investments, arrangement and the design of the interior special tooling and different process: loges of special machines and equipment, and constantly the were detected to ensure the safety of the right to manufacture and to use the product.

SUNWELL Products Lists & Code Numbers Lists

GASKETS>>Spiral Wound Gaskets
SW600-R Spiral wound gasket basic type
SW600-IR Spiral wound gasket within inner ring only
SW600-CG Spiral wound gasket within guide ring only
SW600-CGI Spiral wound gasket within inner & guide rings
SW610 Nuclear spiral wound gasket
SW620 Spiral wound gasket for heat exchanger
SW630 Non-rounded spiral wound gaskets
SW650+MTL Special raw materials spiral wound gaskets
SW600-EX Exhaust spiral wound gaskets
SW640+MTL Spiral wound gasket inner ring or outer rings only
GASKETS>>Expanded Graphite Gaskets
SUNWELL 700 Pure expanded graphite gasket
SUNWELL 710 Tanged metal reinforced graphite gasket
SUNWELL 720 Graphite gasket reinforced with metal foil
SUNWELL 730 Graphite gasket reinforced with metal mesh
GASKETS>>Ring Joint Gaskets
SUNWELL 800 Oval ring joint gasket
SUNWELL 810 Octagonal ring joint gasket
SUNWELL 820 RX ring joint gasket
SUNWELL 830 BX ring joint gasket
SUNWELL 840 Lens ring joint gasket
SUNWELL 850 IX seal ring
SUNWELL 860 HX seal ring
SUNWELL 870 Ax ring gasket
GASKETS>>Double Jacketed Gaskets
SUNWELL 900 Double jacketed gasket
SUNWELL 910 Corrugated double jacketed gasket
GASKETS>>Corrugated Gaskets
SUNWELL 1000 Corrugated gasket
GASKETS>> Kammprofile Gaskets
SUNWELL 1100 Kammprofile gasket basic style
SUNWELL 1110 Kammprofile gasket with integral outer ring
SUNWELL 1120 Kammprofile gasket with loose outer ring
GASKETS>>Copper Gaskets
SUNWELL 1200 Solid copper gasket
SUNWELL 1210 Jacketed copper exhaust gasket
SUNWELL 1220 Copper exhaust gasket
SUNWELL 1300 Pure PTFE gasket
SUNWELL 1310 Expanded PTFE gasket
SUNWELL 1320 PTFE envelope gasket
SUNWELL MF4000Range Modified PTFE gasket
GASKETS>>Synthetic Fiber Gaskets
SUNWELL 1400 Non asbestos gaskets/Asbestos free gaskets
GASKETS>>Mineral Fiber Gaskets
SUNWELL 1500 Mineral fiber rubber gasket/Paper gaskets
GASKETS>>Rubber Gaskets
SUNWELL 1700 Rubber gasket
SUNWELL 1710 O Rings
SUNWELL 1720 Cork rubber gasket
SUNWELL 1730 Rubber steel gasket
GASKETS>>Tape Gaskets
SUNWELL 1810 Expanded PTFE joint sealant tape
SUNWELL 1820 Braided graphite tape
SUNWELL 1840 Corrugated graphite tape
GASKETS>>Flange Insulation Gasket Kits
Linsu Kits 1000 Insulation Gasket Types
Seinseal Gaskets Seinseal insulation gaskets
Urinseal Gaskets Urinseal insulation gaskets
Nsinseal Gaskets Nsinseal insulation gaskets
BRAIDED PACKINGS>>Graphite Packings
SUNWELL 406R Graphite die formed ring
SUNWELL P400 Flexible graphite packing
SUNWELL P401 Graphite packing reinforced with metal wire
SUNWELL P402 Gaskets Graphite packing with PTFE impregnated
SUNWELL P403 Gaskets Graphite packing with carbon fiber corners
SUNWELL P404 Gaskets Super graphite valve packing
SUNWELL P405 Gaskets Jacketed graphite packing
Graph-super P405-WWM High temperature high pressure valve special graphite packing
BRAIDED PACKINGS>>Aramid Fiber Packings
SUNWELL P301 Aramid fiber packing
SUNWELL P302 SPUN Kevlar packing
SUNWELL P303 Graphite SPUN aramid fiber packing
SUNWELL P304 Nomex fiber packing
SUNWELL P305 Nomex fiber packing with rubber core
SUNWELL P306 White PTFE packing with aramid corners
SUNWELL P307 Graphite PTFE packing with aramid fiber corners
SUNWELL P308 Graphite PTFE and aramid fiber in zebra braided packing
SUNWELL C104 Expanded PTFE round cord
SUNWELL P101 Pure PTFE packing
SUNWELL P102 Pure PTFE packing with oil
SUNWELL P103 PTFE filament packing
SUNWELL P201 Pure graphite PTFE packing
SUNWELL P202 Pure graphite PTFE packing with oil
SUNWELL P203 Graphite PTFE filament packing
SUNWELL P204 CGFO packing
BRAIDED PACKINGS>>Carbon Fiber Packings
SUNWELL P501 Carbonized fiber packing
SUNWELL P502 Carbonized fiber packing with graphite
SUNWELL P500 Carbon fiber packing
BRAIDED PACKINGS>>Injectable Packings
SUNWELL IJ900 Injectable packing/Injectable sealant
BRAIDED PACKINGS>>Mineral Fiber Packings
SUNWELL P801 Glass fiber packing
SUNWELL P802 Glass fiber packing with graphite impregnation
SUNWELL P803 Ceramic fiber packing
SUNWELL P804 Ceramic fiber packing with graphite impregnation
BRAIDED PACKINGS>>Synthetic Fiber Packings
SUNWELL P601 Acrylic fiber packing
SUNWELL P602 Acrylic fiber packing with graphite
SUNWELL P603 PAN fiber packing
SUNWELL P604 PAN fiber packing with graphite
SUNWELL P605 Kynol fiber packing
SUNWELL P606 PTFE packing with kynol fiber corners
BRAIDED PACKINGS>>Vegetable Fiber Packings
SUNWELL P700 Ramie packing
SUNWELL P701 Ramie packing with graphite
SUNWELL P702 Flax packing with grease
SUNWELL P703 Cotton fiber packing with grease
SUNWELL P704 Cotton fiber packing with graphite
SUNWELL B201 Flexible graphite sheet / rolls
SUNWELL B202 Graphite sheet reinforced with metal foil
SUNWELL B203 Graphite sheet reinforced with tanged metal
SUNWELL B204 Graphite sheet with metal mesh
SUNWELL B301 Pure PTFE sheet
SUNWELL B302 Expanded PTFE sheet
SUNWELL B4000Range Modified PTFE sheets (See range details datasheet)
SUNWELL B101 Non asbestos sheet (See range details datasheet)
SUNWELL B102 Oil resisting non asbestos sheet
SUNWELL B103 Non asbestos beater sheet
SUNWELL B105 Double tanged non asbestos beater sheet
SUNWELL B400 Rubber sheets (See range details datasheet)
SUNWELL B400C Rubber sheet reinforce with cloth
SUNWELL B400S Rubber seal strips
SUNWELL B601 Cork sheet
SUNWELL B602 Cork rubber sheet
SUNWELL B501 Soft mica sheet
SUNWELL B502 Hard mica sheet
SUNWELL E900AM-NEW Automatic winding machine for spiral wound gaskets
SUNWELL E900AM-MW Medium winder for SWG
SUNWELL E900AM-LW/H Large winder for SWG (Horizontal style)
SUNWELL E900-AM Automatic winder for SWG
SUNWELL E900AM-RA Inner ring angling machine
SUNWELL E900AM-RG Outer ring groover
SUNWELL E900PM Ring polish machine
SUNWELL E900AM-RB Metal ring bender
SUNWELL E900SLM Small lathe machine
SUNWELL E900AM-MTC Metal tape cutter
SUNWELL E900AM-MTS/M Metal tape shaper (modern/improved style)
SUNWELL E900AM-NTC Non metal tape cutter
SUNWELL E900AM-PWD Pulse welder for metal strips
SEALING EQUIPMENTS& TOOLS>>Machines for Cutting Soft Gaskets
SUNWELL E800GC Gasket cutter with double knives
SUNWELL E700PC Hydraulic Shaper (For producing Rubber Gaskets)
SUNWELL E700PGC Plane and four-columns gasket cutting pressurer
SUNWELL E700CD Power press for cutting gaskets
SUNWELL E700SC Soft gasket cut machine
SUNWELL E500KGM-A Kammprofile Machine
SEALING EQUIPMENTS& TOOLS>>Machines for Braided Packings
SUNWELL E400AM-8SB 8 Carrier square braider with 2 orbits
SUNWELL E400AM-18SB 18 Carrier square braider with 3 orbits
SUNWELL E400AM-24SB 24 Carrier square braider with 4 orbits
SUNWELL E400AM-32SB 32 Carrier square braider with 4 orbits
SUNWELL E400SSIB Simple semiautomatic inverted braider
SUNWELL E400ASIB Advanced semiautomatic inverted braider
SUNWELL E400ESIB Economical semiautomatic inverted braider
SUNWELL E400AM-PC2 Packing 2 rolls calender
SUNWELL E400AM-PC4 Packing 4 rolls calender
SUNWELL E400AM-BW Station bobbin winder
SUNWELL T900GC Gasket cutter
SUNWELL T900IG Injection gun
SUNWELL T900PCK Packing cutting knife
SUNWELL T900PTK Packing tools kits
SUNWELL T900GPRC Packing ring cutter
SUNWELL T900-HX1500 Gasket cutter tools
SUNWELL E300ATTM Air tightness testing machine
SUNWELL E300HATT-25T High pressure air tightness testing machine 25 tons
SUNWELL E300HATT-50T High pressure air tightness testing machine 50 tons
SUNWELL E300CRTM Compressibility & recovery testing machine
SUNWELL E300GPCT-100T Gasket performance comprehensive testing machine
SUNWELL GR101 Graphite tape for SWG
SUNWELL GR103 Corrugated graphite tape
SUNWELL GR104 Flag/V-shape metallic tape/strips
SUNWELL GR105 Spool metallic strip for SWG
SUNWELL GR106 Metallic strips
SUNWELL PR101 Pure PTFE yarn
SUNWELL PR102 Pure PTFE yarn with oil
SUNWELL PR103 Multiple PTFE filament yarn
SUNWELL PR104 Graphite PTFE yarn
SUNWELL PR105 Chinese GFO yarn
SUNWELL PR106 Expanded graphite yarn
SUNWELL PR107 Graphite yarn wrapped with wire mesh
SUNWELL PR108 Carbon fiber yarn
SUNWELL PR109 Spun carbonized fiber yarn
SUNWELL PR110 Carbonized fiber yarn
SUNWELL PR111 Kevlar yarn
SUNWELL PR112 Spun kevlar yarn
SUNWELL PR113 Spun nomex yarn
SUNWELL PR114 Ramie yarn
SUNWELL PR115 Acrylic yarn